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Budgeting as a content creator, streamer, or contractor

Money can be a touchy subject to face and get under control, but budgeting will help you achieve your dreams faster and with more confidence.

The Media

Voiding warranties and modding a Wii U

I attempt to go into my love of jailbreaking, tinkering, and otherwise modding hardware; this week, it was my Wii U.

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The Nintendo Switch and the fallacy of sunk costs

I bought a Nintendo Switch, and was worried that it’d just be another dust magnet on my shelf. What makes us invest in games we may not like?

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Valve’s Artifact, and what it needs to get right

Why Valve’s new card game ‘Artifact’ may have disappointed with its first impression, and why it may struggle onboarding players.

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Training, execution, and mindfulness

After some hard truths in the Training Room, I wrote something about how I have difficulty staying in the moment during competitive games.