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Artour, a stream, and a journey into madness

Posted by Matt Demers on

So, I want you to picture something for a second.

Imagine you’ve been a fan of League of Legends for the past two years. You’re used to a specific stream experience: webcam, mic, music and whatever else. You start dabbling a little more in Dota 2 and you decide that maybe it’s time to see what some of these pros are doing; you go to the directory for the game and click into the most popular at the stream at the time.

You meet Artour, and your descent begins.

Esports/The Media

Tales from the BTS Manila Hub

Posted by Matt Demers on

Two weeks ago I got some pretty good news; I would be travelling to Los Angeles to do social media for an esports company called Beyond the Summit. BTS does an assortment of Dota and Smash Bros events, and would be hosting a four-day-long coverage hub for the upcoming Manila Major Qualifiers.