Well met!

My name's Matt. I've been working in eSports writing and reporting since 2012. I live in Toronto, Canada, and graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Journalism in 2012.

You might know me from a couple different places. On top of independent work, I've produced content for Riot Games, Azubu, ggChronicle and LoLKing.

Here's some stuff I'm pretty proud of (in no particular order):

I've also written some pay-what-you-want eBooks about using Twitter in eSports.

You can find me on: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

I stream video games on Twitch. You should follow me for notifications for when I go live. I post vlogs and highlights on my YouTube.

If you'd like to contribute to my non-eSports work, you can become my patron on Patreon. This involves donating a small amount of money (with rewards for larger amounts) every time I publish something new.