Mental Health

Doing what’s “objectively correct” for you

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So today I had a pretty good day of therapy, and it contextualized a couple things for me.

For the last little while I’ve been focusing on “doing nothing” to various success. The idea, though, was trusting a process that my brain was going to be able to fix some things emotionally in the meantime, letting me get back to the “big life stuff” of a career, direction and purpose eventually.

Ongoing History of RPGs

The Ongoing History of RPGs #2: Final Fantasy VI

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The second episode of The Ongoing History of RPGs shifts forward to the Super Nintendo where Squaresoft dominated the genre with multiple games. I’ve never played Final Fantasy VI before, so I’m hoping to have a good time with it! I was interested in VI’s place in the Final Fantasy series, mostly because it feels like it represents a tonally darker look before we get into the pure anime of VII and beyond. As I’ve never played it before, this should be quite fun!


On self-worth and identity while creating

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Today I want to talk to you about identity — well, that’s a pretty broad topic, so maybe just your identity when when you create.

For years, I basically thought that the only way to success was to both be fully invested in your craft, and also have the talent to make yourself stand out. This became an all-consuming thing, and I forgot to take into account something pretty basic: being human.

Ongoing History of RPGs

The Ongoing History of RPGs #1: Dragon Quest

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This is the first episode of The Ongoing History of RPGs, and I figured I’d start it off with a series I really enjoy, but ironically haven’t played too much of. Dragon Quest, despite not being as big as Final Fantasy in the West, is one of the most important titles in the RPG genre; it gave players an accessible way to enjoy a story while innovating mechanics that are still being used today.

The Media/Video Games

An RPG Project Draft

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I’ve been craving getting into a new project lately since my break. Mostly, I’ve wanted to come up with something that I would ideally enjoy doing even if no one were to watch it — ideally, I would be okay just doing it for the sake of it.

I thought about reviving BetterDota, but after a couple streams I found I wasn’t enjoying Dota at the level I’d need to in order to focus on grinding out MMR. Instead, I turned to what I like playing when I don’t really have any other obligations: RPGs.

Esports/The Media/Video Games

Artour, a stream, and a journey into madness

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So, I want you to picture something for a second.

Imagine you’ve been a fan of League of Legends for the past two years. You’re used to a specific stream experience: webcam, mic, music and whatever else. You start dabbling a little more in Dota 2 and you decide that maybe it’s time to see what some of these pros are doing; you go to the directory for the game and click into the most popular at the stream at the time.

You meet Artour, and your descent begins.