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An RPG Project Draft

Posted by Matt Demers on

I’ve been craving getting into a new project lately since my break. Mostly, I’ve wanted to come up with something that I would ideally enjoy doing even if no one were to watch it — ideally, I would be okay just doing it for the sake of it.

I thought about reviving BetterDota, but after a couple streams I found I wasn’t enjoying Dota at the level I’d need to in order to focus on grinding out MMR. Instead, I turned to what I like playing when I don’t really have any other obligations: RPGs.

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Artour, a stream, and a journey into madness

Posted by Matt Demers on
Artour, a stream, and a journey into madness

So, I want you to picture something for a second.

Imagine you’ve been a fan of League of Legends for the past two years. You’re used to a specific stream experience: webcam, mic, music and whatever else. You start dabbling a little more in Dota 2 and you decide that maybe it’s time to see what some of these pros are doing; you go to the directory for the game and click into the most popular at the stream at the time.

You meet Artour, and your descent begins.