Hello! My name is Matt Demers, and I’ve worked in the esports and gaming industry for over a decade. I helped launch theScore esports, the first physical newsroom for esports, in 2015. I also headed up Evil Geniuses’ marketing department from 2017-2019, and worked at Chillhop.com as a Head of Gaming.

I believe in empathy for audiences, and authenticity above all else. I write about my own mental health, and the connections I form between myself, others, and the media I love. You can find my work on my Substack, my archived previous Substacks (PlusHeart and Making Stuff), and certain posts crossposted here.

Below you can find a bunch of useful links that’ll take you to where I can be found on the Internet. Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help, or follow if you find my work interesting!