• First impressions: Xenoblade Chronicles X

    First impressions: Xenoblade Chronicles X

    Note: the gfys in this post are bugged due to something on the end of Gfycat. They should display at the proper crop after a loop or two. I’m likely going to be doing a video on this later, but I thought I’d write down a couple thoughts on Xenoblade Chronicles X, since I picked…

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  • Tutorial: Free telestrator for Open Broadcaster Software

    Tutorial: Free telestrator for Open Broadcaster Software

    One system I’ve definitely wanted to use in analysis is the telestrator, or video marker. For those not familiar with the term, it’s what sportscasters will use to take a free-frame of an instant replay and draw own it. We’ve seen it used by Riot Games and other eSports companies as part of a smart…

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  • On the (possibly grim) future of Overwatch

    On the (possibly grim) future of Overwatch

    Blizzard’s FPS title Overwatch is probably one of the most hyped titles this year due to a couple different factors: Vibrant characters give personalities for players to gravitate towards MOBA-like mechanics mean that there are cool things for players to do besides aim and shoot well People saw the success that first movers on Hearthstone…

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  • Thoughts on Kero Blaster

    Thoughts on Kero Blaster

    One of the most beloved video games of all time is Cave Story, a labor of love by one Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya. Developed over the course of years, it was initially released for free, and eventually ported to consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU later. Basically, if someone wants an example of a passion…

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  • 50 women in esports: a brief list

    50 women in esports: a brief list

    Sparked by a debate that happened yesterday about female representation and role models in esports/gaming, I decided to compile a list of women in the industry that I enjoy following on Twitter. I’ve included a little blurb about what they do and a follow button beneath all of them. I encourage you to follow them…

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  • Thanks, Marcus: a Dyrus obituary

    Thanks, Marcus: a Dyrus obituary

    Some of you know that eSports is something I came into by accident; it was never supposed to be a career, but more a hobby. Marcus helped pull me in. I started playing League of Legends casually in 2010, a little bit before Season 1. Garen has just been released, putting my start date around…

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  • Experiences with the Valve/HTC Vive VR

    Experiences with the Valve/HTC Vive VR

    This past week at The International I managed to get some time with the Valve/HTC virtual reality project, the Vive. I’ve never tried VR before, but tales of friends who have Oculus Rift developer kits and the general progress that the industry has made really got me interested. The Vive is a combination of a…

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  • Dota Reborn is out! Here’s things I like so far

    I recently had the chance to play around with the Dota 2 Reborn beta after it launched earlier this week. Obviously, being a beta, there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be improved — things like connectivity issues during custom games, spectating and Hero MMR are all kind of struggling. However, I thought I’d…

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  • Dota Reborn: Three things I’m excited about

    A couple days ago Dota 2 fans were treated to the launch of Reborn, a web page devoted to the updating of… a lot of things. The first part focused on the out-of-game experience, which includes the client and the way we can watch matches from within it. This is really important, as it serves…

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  • This hurts to write

    Like many people my age, I got hooked on computers early on in my life. I remember playing games like Dangerous Dave, Monster Bash and Commander Keen, which led to Dota 2, League of Legends and others today. I also was a pretty big journal kid. My parents divorced early, and I spent a lot…

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