• Reading: Giant Killing

    Reading: Giant Killing

    I’ve been trying to make more of a habit of reading before I go to bed, both to get myself away from the PC itself and the social media that I find myself scrolling through. There’s something particularly insidious about the habit of diving deep into reddit, Twitter or Wikis when you’re not fully engaged;…

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  • I did my first esports lecture!

    I did my first esports lecture!

    I’ve done my fair share of speaking about esports, but never in a class setting before. When I found out that my alma matter had an esports class (not just like, one week of study), I jumped at the chance to email the prof and see if they could put my experience to use. Literally,…

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  • Closing the book on Kazuma Kiryu

    Closing the book on Kazuma Kiryu

    Spoiler alert Warning: While I don’t go into any specific story spoilers in this post, there are some images from the game that might be considered spoilers. I’ve probably started this blog three or four times now, and for some reason, nothing really seems to stick. I mean, how do you sum up a series…

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  • Atelier Ryza and comfort fiction

    Atelier Ryza and comfort fiction

    2020 has been off to a slow start for me, mostly because I’m waiting on some (good) job news, and also from personal choice. After taking November and December off after leaving EG, I’m kind of feeling the rumbles inside of me to get working and get creative again. In 2019 I felt that I…

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  • 2019: The Reflection Post

    2019: The Reflection Post

    It’s hard to start this kind of post without the usual cliches; 2019 was a bit of a year of growth and getting to know myself, and I’ll say that I probably ended up in the positive when it comes to me as a person, even though I don’t feel it at the moment. In…

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  • Playing: Ring Fit Adventure

    Playing: Ring Fit Adventure

    I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve fallen prey to my share of fitness gimmicks and failed gym habits. I’m always a sucker for trying again, however, and something about Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch caught my eye. The main thing that had me interested is was marketed as an RPG, which is probably…

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  • Reading: Delicious in Dungeon

    Reading: Delicious in Dungeon

    I’ve been trying to sleep better lately, and part of that is improving my sleep hygiene. This mainly means changing a longtime habit I have, which is being on my PC until I get tired enough to sleep. I’ve described to my therapist before that being on the PC is basically my “default state of…

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  • Match end: concluding Haikyuu!!

    Match end: concluding Haikyuu!!

    This article contains heavy spoilers for people who aren’t current to the Haikyuu!! manga. Specifically, it’s written after reading Haikyuu!! 374.

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  • Taking up space: my trip to Japan

    Taking up space: my trip to Japan

    I’ve been putting off writing something about my Japan trip, mostly because it’s hard to know exactly where to start. This probably won’t be the only thing I write about it, but I feel it’s the most important thing for me to commit to a post.

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  • Me at 30: some advice

    Me at 30: some advice

    I wanted to some writing to expand on a tweet that I made yesterday that had some advice for people that might want it. My own qualifications aren’t that impressive; all I can say is that I’ve survived to 30 working in the game industry, and that therapy and massive amounts of introspection have caused…

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