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The Nintendo Switch and the fallacy of sunk costs

I bought a Nintendo Switch, and was worried that it’d just be another dust magnet on my shelf. What makes us invest in games we may not like?

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Training, execution, and mindfulness

After some hard truths in the Training Room, I wrote something about how I have difficulty staying in the moment during competitive games.

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Making a list: Dota 2 Support heroes

I decided to formalize the list of support characters I’m going to be focusing on in Dota 2; I give reasonings and weaknesses for each!

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My next steps to dealing with the panic of choice in Dota

It’s really easy to panic when faced with game-deciding decisions, but it can also be nerve-wracking to break the habit of doing what’s comfortable.

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Dealing with moments of panic in gaming: the first wall

How do you deal with the moments when you panic during a multiplayer game? We can answer this by looking at what we’re afraid of, and what we can learn from analysis.

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Ladder anxiety: wanting to play, but not

Ladder anxiety: the problem that never fixes itself, because you never move forward to fix it. I think about what keeps me rooted, and what I need to do to move on.