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    So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I want to do with things. I know that seems a bit vague, but I’ve been on a break since August and starting to get the itch to create again, and create regularly. I’ve been holding off on doing this mostly because I was…

  • 2016: The Reflection Post

    2016: The Reflection Post

    I like New Year’s resolutions post mostly because I’m big on reflecting. A friend noted that I’m big on anniversaries; my birthday (July 1) and New Year’s Day (January 1) fall exactly six months away from each other, so I find they’re good times to look back, plan and learn. This year was weird.

  • Doing what’s “objectively correct” for you

    Doing what’s “objectively correct” for you

    So today I had a pretty good day of therapy, and it contextualized a couple things for me. For the last little while I’ve been focusing on “doing nothing” to various success. The idea, though, was trusting a process that my brain was going to be able to fix some things emotionally in the meantime,…

  • On self-worth and identity while creating

    On self-worth and identity while creating

    Today I want to talk to you about identity — well, that’s a pretty broad topic, so maybe just your identity when when you create. For years, I basically thought that the only way to success was to both be fully invested in your craft, and also have the talent to make yourself stand out.…

  • #LetsTalk 2016 – My depression, and how it hurts me

    #LetsTalk 2016 – My depression, and how it hurts me

    So today’s Bell’s annual #LetsTalk day, which is a promotion to get people talking about depression and mental health. Every time people tweet with the hashtag, Bell makes a donation to Canadian mental health programs. Basically it’s a giant PR move that a lot of people just happen to believe in; the company’s shitty practices…