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Letters from Eorzea: Mining, Fishing and Catboy Weddings

Somehow I’ve been able to play FFXIV without facing my usual struggles with playing MMOs as an adult. Catboy matrimony may be involved.


Nightstalking: a look at Suramar as a functioning city

When I first picked up World of Warcraft in 2005, I had a grandiose idea of how it would be; the concept of an MMORPG was always appealing to me because of everyone playing in the same world, and I expected it to be vibrant, active, and thriving.


The Warcraft cycle: playing an MMO as an adult

I have this problem, and it began with World of Warcraft. Burning out on it killed my ability to be immersed in a game full time, or at least long sessions. When the game came out, I was 14 — the prime age for a lack of responsibilities and a whole lot of time. I […]