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Q&A: “When should I start my Patreon?”

Patreon can be a great tool to build your community, but there are inherent risks in starting too early, or without planning.

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Budgeting as a content creator, streamer, or contractor

Money can be a touchy subject to face and get under control, but budgeting will help you achieve your dreams faster and with more confidence.

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The pro wrestling entrance, and what esports can learn from it

Have you ever wondered why an entrance can be effective at connecting an audience? Learn about how pro wrestling perfected it, and what esports can learn.

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Lost in the plot : streaming story-based games

The last few months of my stream have mainly moved away from anything competitive; I’ve been playing games that I’ve been meaning to cross off my list for one reason or another, and the idea (like many people will tell you) is to play while focusing on my enjoyment.

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Weekly stream review: realigning with goals

Things seem to be stagnating a bit lately, so why not set some goals? I’m going to be starting to take a little more active role in improving.


Tutorial: Using Twitch automation with IFTTT

Adding automation to your actions allows for less chance for screwups. Now that IFTTT supports Twitch, I teach you how to use the service to make your life easier.

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“Let’s GiantBomb it”: Problems with personality-based content

Making content around the people producing it, rather than the specific subject of the work, can be a lucrative endeavor. Like anything, there’s some hiccups you should know about.

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Tutorial: Automate Discord to post your new content

Post to your Discord automatically so you don’t forget to! Great for content creators whose community wants to be notified of new stuff they make!

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Creating value and shareable content on social media

Curious about how you can create content that people will want to spread? I look at a specific usecase of how creating value for your followers can help you grow.

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Doing what’s “objectively correct” for you

So today I had a pretty good day of therapy, and it contextualized a couple things for me. For the last little while I’ve been focusing on “doing nothing” to various success. The idea, though, was trusting a process that my brain was going to be able to fix some things emotionally in the meantime, […]