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I did my first esports lecture!

I’ve done my fair share of speaking about esports, but never in a class setting before. When I found out that my alma matter had an esports class (not just like, one week of study), I jumped at the chance to email the prof and see if they could put my experience to use. Literally, […]

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Budgeting as a content creator, streamer, or contractor

Money can be a touchy subject to face and get under control, but budgeting will help you achieve your dreams faster and with more confidence.

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The Nintendo Switch and the fallacy of sunk costs

I bought a Nintendo Switch, and was worried that it’d just be another dust magnet on my shelf. What makes us invest in games we may not like?

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Training, execution, and mindfulness

After some hard truths in the Training Room, I wrote something about how I have difficulty staying in the moment during competitive games.

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Lost in the plot : streaming story-based games

The last few months of my stream have mainly moved away from anything competitive; I’ve been playing games that I’ve been meaning to cross off my list for one reason or another, and the idea (like many people will tell you) is to play while focusing on my enjoyment.


To 3220 and back – an update to my Dota 2 journey

Someone on my stream asked me to update people on my Dota 2 journey; here’s that post, which has some uncertainty to it.


Tutorial: Using Twitch automation with IFTTT

Adding automation to your actions allows for less chance for screwups. Now that IFTTT supports Twitch, I teach you how to use the service to make your life easier.


SeeBotsChat: So two robots walk into a bar…

Someone rigs up two AI assistants to talk to each other, and suddenly, a meta-narrative develops from the peanut gallery.

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Thoughts on Twitch Cheering post-Evo 2016

With Evo 2016 over, I took the time to post some thoughts about Twitch’s implementation of its Cheering system for the event, and how it could be improved.

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Tea on Twitch – Episode #1

For the last little while I’ve had an idea to do a tea-based streaming Twitch as part of their Creative hub. I pulled the trigger on it this past Thursday with the first episode of Tea on Twitch, which I think went really well.