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  • On the (possibly grim) future of Overwatch

    On the (possibly grim) future of Overwatch

    Blizzard’s FPS title Overwatch is probably one of the most hyped titles this year due to a couple different factors: Vibrant characters give personalities for players to gravitate towards MOBA-like mechanics mean that there are cool things for players to do besides aim and shoot well People saw the success that first movers on Hearthstone […]

  • Thoughts on Kero Blaster

    Thoughts on Kero Blaster

    One of the most beloved video games of all time is Cave Story, a labor of love by one Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya. Developed over the course of years, it was initially released for free, and eventually ported to consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU later. Basically, if someone wants an example of a passion […]

  • Chasing Champions – An eSports Travelogue

    Chasing Champions – An eSports Travelogue

    Hell is being trapped in a window seat on a fifteen hour flight to Korea with a full bladder and the Canadian need to be polite. My legs crumple into the seat in front of me, two sleeping Korean men prevents me from the freedom of the aisle. The last five days had been hectic: […]