The Ongoing History of RPGs: a new series!

So the last little bit has been relatively quiet from me after I felt I needed to take a bit of a break. Coming back wasn’t exactly difficult: not picking up any new projects before I’d actually made some changes was.

After a while, I felt like I made some really good shifts in my mentality when it came to confronting problems and how they affected my ability to produce. Having something’s success determine my happiness, or having my work, social and fun all grouped up into one thing — esports — meant that if one failed, they all did.

The last two months have been spent de-tangling that ball, and also growing up a bit to the point where I realize what’s really important to me: the joy of creating, and making something that’s authentic.

I’ve started the planning and execution of a new project, called The Ongoing History of RPGs.

The goal with this series isn’t to “make it big”, or grow an audience, or do anything other than just talk about stuff I enjoy. That other stuff might come later, but for now all I want to be able to do is test to see if I’ve grown as a creator.

For now, I’m just going to make stuff, see how I can improve it, and stream some games I’ve been meaning to cross off my backlog. I hope you’ll come along with me.

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