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  • Me at 35: Letting the love in

    Me at 35: Letting the love in

    Living off borrowed time, the clock tick faster.That’d be the hour they knock the slick blaster. — MF Doom, “Accordion” – Madvillainy I turned 35 yesterday. I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about it, but I’ve settled a bit. For most of my life, I’ve been working to correct the assumption that I have…

  • Me at 34: Owning my dream

    Me at 34: Owning my dream

    I turned 34 this weekend. The morning after, I woke up with a hangover and wondered where my dream went. This isn’t what it sounds like. It’s not the “blink, turn 40, and wonder what you did with your life” kind of thing. It’s more the idea of looking to reclaim ownership of that dream,…

  • Me at 33

    Me at 33

    The other day, I turned 33. I usually do a blog post around my birthday as a way of acknowledging where I am currently in my life, and while it’s a couple days late this year, I’m still going to do it.

  • Me at 32

    Me at 32

    Today’s my birthday, and I decided to write something for it. I’ve been purposefully avoiding writing for the last six months, mostly because I wanted to take that expectation of production off my plate. That nagging spirit of “I haven’t written anything for a while” is silly, and something I’ve been looking to exorcise for…

  • Me at 31: more reflections

    Me at 31: more reflections

    Last year I wrote something on my birthday for turning 30, and today I turn 31. Looking back at that post, I’m happy that I haven’t made any huge changes, but I figured I should at least update how things have been going.

  • Me at 30: some advice

    Me at 30: some advice

    I wanted to some writing to expand on a tweet that I made yesterday that had some advice for people that might want it. My own qualifications aren’t that impressive; all I can say is that I’ve survived to 30 working in the game industry, and that therapy and massive amounts of introspection have caused…