Tag: Year-End Blogs

  • 2023: The Reflection Post

    2023: The Reflection Post

    Start. Just start. Start in different ways you’ve started before.

  • 2022: The Reflection Post

    2022: The Reflection Post

    I swear, all the friction in this post is in service of something optimistic.

  • 2021: The Reflection Post

    2021: The Reflection Post

    Hey there. I hope you’re having a good last day of 2021. This year felt a lot like the last, where the isolation, loneliness and general confusion of the pandemic got to me. I don’t think I went nuts or anything, but it was easy to feel like something was just off, and I don’t…

  • 2020: The Reflection Post

    2020: The Reflection Post

    Reflections on this terrible year, and the small amounts of (personal) hope that follows.

  • 2019: The Reflection Post

    2019: The Reflection Post

    It’s hard to start this kind of post without the usual cliches; 2019 was a bit of a year of growth and getting to know myself, and I’ll say that I probably ended up in the positive when it comes to me as a person, even though I don’t feel it at the moment. In…

  • 2018: The Reflection Post

    2018: The Reflection Post

    I figured it was time to do my 2018 wrap-up post, mostly because I like writing about this kind of thing. I tend to be big on reflecting over time, and the end of the year is a good enough time to do so. This year I learned a lot about myself — and well,…

  • 2017: The Reflection Post

    2017: The Reflection Post

    I think every writer has a voice in their head that tells them to write a New Year’s resolution/reflection blog. It allows them to be a bit reflective and nudge a little narcissism at the same time. So, if you’ll indulge me a tiny bit… If we cling onto yesterday, what can we hope to…

  • 2016: The Reflection Post

    2016: The Reflection Post

    I like New Year’s resolutions post mostly because I’m big on reflecting. A friend noted that I’m big on anniversaries; my birthday (July 1) and New Year’s Day (January 1) fall exactly six months away from each other, so I find they’re good times to look back, plan and learn. This year was weird.