Watch Threads

I’ve found that Mastodon is useful for “watch threads” where I post screencaps and reactions for the things that I’m playing/watching. Spoiler tags help for things more current; I don’t use them for older series, so be warned.

Decided to just have a masterpost for these because it’d be easier to link. All the threads are self-contained, but it’d be cool to just have “bookmarks” for the start of major milestones, episodes, etc.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Rewatch)

I watched these in a random order, mostly; I do a season then hit shuffle.

Episode CodeEpisode Title (Wiki Link)Mastodon Link
S02E18Up the Long LadderThread Link

Twin Peaks: The Return (First watch)

Watch order is chronological.

The X-Files (First watch)

Watch order is chronological. Episode summaries can also be found on my Tumblr.

Episode CodeEpisode Title (Wiki Link)Mastodon Link
S01E01PilotThread Link
S01E02Deep ThroatThread Link
S01E03SqueezeThread Link

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker MSQ (First play)

This is going to be a bit weirder because the episode structure doesn’t exactly work. I’m going to try to provide quest names when they’re relevant, but in some cases they mostly just blend together. Here’s the quest name thing I’m using if you want to follow along

I started logging these for the lvl 82-83 quest line.

Quest (Wiki Link)Mastodon Link
A Frosty ReceptionThread Link
At the End of the TrailThread Link
Alea Iacta EstThread Link
In From The ColdThread Link
End of Gateway of the GodsThread Link
End of The MartyrThread Link