You're new around here.

My name's Matt. I live in Toronto, Canada, and graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Journalism in 2012.

I have experience working in Android, comic book and eSports writing, and have been blogging since 2006. On top of independent work, I've produced content for Riot Games, Azubu, ggChronicle and LoLKing. I helped launch theScore eSports, a dedicated newsroom for eSports, as a Supervising Editor. You can find my freelance bylines on ESPN, Red Bull and more.

I write a blog about eSports, media and personal stuff here. I also do a daily vlog, which you can find on my YouTube.. I also host Sessions, a one-on-one interview podcast about people who work in gaming and esports, and how they survive. I took influence from NPR's Fresh Air in both the mood and production of the show.

Here's some stuff I'm pretty proud of (in no particular order):

I've also written some pay-what-you-want eBooks about using Twitter in eSports.

You can find me on: Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. I also stream video games on Twitch.

I also write a weekly newsletter about gaming, mental health, motivation, tea, and whatever else crosses my mind. Recommended reading, videos/streams to check out, and more:

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