Ebook #4: Event Content Planning in Esports

A couple years ago, I was frustrated at people making mistakes. I turned this frustration into three ebooks about Twitter. Now, four years later, I’ve written a fourth ebook, but not about social media — this one looks to help you get better at planning content.

This book was written to help people who want to be able to feel more confident about what they can produce when going to or covering an event. Basically I looked at my plan for The International this year, felt it went pretty successfully, and then wondered how I could enable other people to make the same choices.

Ebook #4, Event Content Planning in Esports is that book. You can find it here, or in the embed below. It joins numerous tutorials on this site to get people thinking about their work in a different way.

Inside the book, you’ll find six steps, from pre-planning to post-mortem, that will allow you to focus your content into things you can confidently produce. It will hopefully reduce the stress that comes with not knowing how to make yourself stand out, and will allow you to spend that brainpower on other things. You will also find example content plans that will hopefully get your brain moving when it comes to making your own.

I believe this planning lets you make the most of every opportunity to stand out that you’re given. I sincerely hope that this helps content producers, players and smaller publications improve what they’re able to offer.

This book is backed by my journalism degree and 5 years of working in esports content production. A lot of this condenses what I was able to learn in journalism school, and what’s recently “clicked” for me on a personal level.

I hope you enjoy it, and share it with people you think might benefit. My goal for these ebooks has always been to raise the floor of cheaply available knowledge to improve everyone’s fundamentals, and I hope this continues that trend.

Feel free to reach out to me on social media if you found this book helped, or have feedback.

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