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  • 2022: The Reflection Post

    2022: The Reflection Post

    I swear, all the friction in this post is in service of something optimistic.

  • Blue Period is a manga about learning about art (and you)

    Blue Period is a manga about learning about art (and you)

    A look into the “hard works makes good” manga genre, and how/when character development affects the journey.

  • Me at 33

    Me at 33

    The other day, I turned 33. I usually do a blog post around my birthday as a way of acknowledging where I am currently in my life, and while it’s a couple days late this year, I’m still going to do it.

  • Five years later

    Five years later

    Five years ago I wrote something pretty personal about mentalhealth and depression, and who I was at the time. Six years later, let’s talk to that guy.

  • 2021: The Reflection Post

    2021: The Reflection Post

    Hey there. I hope you’re having a good last day of 2021. This year felt a lot like the last, where the isolation, loneliness and general confusion of the pandemic got to me. I don’t think I went nuts or anything, but it was easy to feel like something was just off, and I don’t […]

  • Me at 32

    Me at 32

    Today’s my birthday, and I decided to write something for it. I’ve been purposefully avoiding writing for the last six months, mostly because I wanted to take that expectation of production off my plate. That nagging spirit of “I haven’t written anything for a while” is silly, and something I’ve been looking to exorcise for […]

  • 2020: The Reflection Post

    2020: The Reflection Post

    Reflections on this terrible year, and the small amounts of (personal) hope that follows.

  • Letters from Eorzea: Mining, Fishing and Catboy Weddings

    Letters from Eorzea: Mining, Fishing and Catboy Weddings

    Somehow I’ve been able to play FFXIV without facing my usual struggles with playing MMOs as an adult. Catboy matrimony may be involved.

  • Me at 31: more reflections

    Me at 31: more reflections

    Last year I wrote something on my birthday for turning 30, and today I turn 31. Looking back at that post, I’m happy that I haven’t made any huge changes, but I figured I should at least update how things have been going.

  • 2019: The Reflection Post

    2019: The Reflection Post

    It’s hard to start this kind of post without the usual cliches; 2019 was a bit of a year of growth and getting to know myself, and I’ll say that I probably ended up in the positive when it comes to me as a person, even though I don’t feel it at the moment. In […]