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  • 2023: The Reflection Post

    2023: The Reflection Post

    Start. Just start. Start in different ways you’ve started before.

  • Me at 34: Owning my dream

    Me at 34: Owning my dream

    I turned 34 this weekend. The morning after, I woke up with a hangover and wondered where my dream went. This isn’t what it sounds like. It’s not the “blink, turn 40, and wonder what you did with your life” kind of thing. It’s more the idea of looking to reclaim ownership of that dream,…

  • 2022: The Reflection Post

    2022: The Reflection Post

    I swear, all the friction in this post is in service of something optimistic.

  • Blue Period is a manga about learning about art (and you)

    Blue Period is a manga about learning about art (and you)

    A look into the “hard works makes good” manga genre, and how/when character development affects the journey.

  • Me at 33

    Me at 33

    The other day, I turned 33. I usually do a blog post around my birthday as a way of acknowledging where I am currently in my life, and while it’s a couple days late this year, I’m still going to do it.

  • Five years later

    Five years later

    Five years ago I wrote something pretty personal about mentalhealth and depression, and who I was at the time. Six years later, let’s talk to that guy.

  • 2021: The Reflection Post

    2021: The Reflection Post

    Hey there. I hope you’re having a good last day of 2021. This year felt a lot like the last, where the isolation, loneliness and general confusion of the pandemic got to me. I don’t think I went nuts or anything, but it was easy to feel like something was just off, and I don’t…

  • Me at 32

    Me at 32

    Today’s my birthday, and I decided to write something for it. I’ve been purposefully avoiding writing for the last six months, mostly because I wanted to take that expectation of production off my plate. That nagging spirit of “I haven’t written anything for a while” is silly, and something I’ve been looking to exorcise for…

  • 2020: The Reflection Post

    2020: The Reflection Post

    Reflections on this terrible year, and the small amounts of (personal) hope that follows.

  • Letters from Eorzea: Mining, Fishing and Catboy Weddings

    Letters from Eorzea: Mining, Fishing and Catboy Weddings

    Somehow I’ve been able to play FFXIV without facing my usual struggles with playing MMOs as an adult. Catboy matrimony may be involved.