Mental Health

Doing what’s “objectively correct” for you

So today I had a pretty good day of therapy, and it contextualized a couple things for me. For the last little while I’ve been focusing on “doing nothing” to various success. The idea, though, was trusting a process that my brain was going to be able to fix some things emotionally in the meantime, […]


On self-worth and identity while creating

Today I want to talk to you about identity — well, that’s a pretty broad topic, so maybe just your identity when when you create. For years, I basically thought that the only way to success was to both be fully invested in your craft, and also have the talent to make yourself stand out. […]

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The Warcraft cycle: playing an MMO as an adult

I have this problem, and it began with World of Warcraft. Burning out on it killed my ability to be immersed in a game full time, or at least long sessions.