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  • Me at 30: some advice

    Me at 30: some advice

    I wanted to some writing to expand on a tweet that I made yesterday that had some advice for people that might want it. My own qualifications aren’t that impressive; all I can say is that I’ve survived to 30 working in the game industry, and that therapy and massive amounts of introspection have caused […]

  • Slay the Spire vs Artifact: What is my brain is doing differently?

    Slay the Spire vs Artifact: What is my brain is doing differently?

    I’ve been playing a lot of Slay the Spire lately. I’ve found that it’s really scratched the itch for card games in a way that I never really appreciated before, and I’ve been spending a long time tinkering with how to approach different decks and challenges. Ironically, I wish I could be doing this with […]

  • 2018: The reflection post

    2018: The reflection post

    I figured it was time to do my 2018 wrap-up post, mostly because I like writing about this kind of thing. I tend to be big on reflecting over time, and the end of the year is a good enough time to do so. This year I learned a lot about myself — and well, […]

  • 2017: The reflection post

    2017: The reflection post

    I think every writer has a voice in their head that tells them to write a New Year’s resolution/reflection blog. It allows them to be a bit reflective and nudge a little narcissism at the same time. So, if you’ll indulge me a tiny bit… If we cling onto yesterday, what can we hope to […]

  • There is never a good time to start

    There is never a good time to start

    At the beginning of November, I moved to a new apartment. Unfortunately, a lot has gone wrong with that. Deliveries and installations being late sucked, but all of that stuff kind of passes with time. Since my second week (so I guess six out of the eight weeks I’ve lived here so far) I’ve been […]

  • Moving Day

    Moving Day

    Today is moving day. I’m taking a little bit of a break from frantically packing in order to write this blog. I was primarily going to reflect on where I was when I moved back to my parents’ house vs where I am now, and it kind of ties in with something else that happened […]

  • Support networks: some thoughts on finding and maintaining them

    Support networks: some thoughts on finding and maintaining them

    I was struggling to find a blog topic for today but thanks to a friend (shoutouts to Ria!) I settled on talking about support networks. Ironically, Ria is a large part of my support network; she’s someone I can trust to both listen and give advice. When dealing with new challenges it’s pretty simple to […]

  • #WorldMentalHealthDay – My journey with medication

    #WorldMentalHealthDay – My journey with medication

    I’ve been on medication for anxiety and depression for two years. It’s a day too late to talk about it on World Mental Health Day, but I figured, hey, why not. In that two years, I’ve been fighting for balance — balance between my brain chemistry and what I’m introducing to it in order to […]

  • Building blisters: six weeks of personal training

    Building blisters: six weeks of personal training

    After years of failing at fitness, I decided in August that I was going to get a personal trainer. I had a couple months to kill of just doing nothing while looking for an apartment and working, so I figured I’d jump on the investment and actually try to make the time worth it. Previously, […]

  • Training, execution, and mindfulness

    Training, execution, and mindfulness

    I have a hard time being present. It sounds simple enough: focusing and engaging with the moment in front of you. My biggest distraction there is thinking about what’s down the road, and the consequences of wrong choices. This is pretty much the foundation of my anxiety and a lot of my mental health issues.